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What is this forum for?

The aim of the forum is to help schedule and organise LOTRO raids on the Imladris server at Oceanic/Australian prime time and to help each other get ready for those raids. Given the time zone, no kin on the server is able to regularly field a full raid group on their own at this time so this forum is designed to facilitate cross-kin cooperation and scheduling.

What is Aussieplayers?

As a raid group, we aim to be one of the premier raid groups on the Imladris server, and will strive to beat the current top tier raid content. We are a cross-kin group and accept players from any kin, although if you are actively raiding with Aussieplayers on a particular character then it is expected that you will not raid with another kin or raid group on that character in order to prevent issues with raid locks.

Aussieplayers started as a user-created chat channel on the Imladris server (/joinchannel aussieplayers) which is free for anyone to join but especially for end-game players that play at Oceanic/Australian prime time. As Australian evenings (from 8pm eastern time) are at a pretty quiet time for the US population on the server (6am server/US Eastern time and 3am US western time) it was created to facilitate grouping for end game content at times when the overall server population is relatively low.

Is Aussieplayers only for Australians?

Not at all, but the assumption is that people in the raid group are active and available to raid at Australian prime times. The raids which will be organised on this forum will generally start at 8:30pm Australian Eastern Standard time (Melbourne/Sydney) and run until approximately 11pm.

Can I invite other players to these forums?

Yes, tell people to contact Psychobabble, Earval or Pianotunapasta in-game to discuss getting them involved. One of the things we are looking at in new members is desired class roles. At this stage we have a need for more Captains, Lore-masters and burglars.

All new members of this forum are strongly encouraged to post their details in the sign-up thread to keep a track of who's around.

Do you have vent/TS?

Details of the aussieplayer's Teamspeak server can be found in this thread (members only).

What are the rules regarding raid slots (ie who gets to participate)?

All raids will have sign-up threads in the appropriate forum and if players wish to reserve a slot in a particular raid, they must sign up in the appropriate thread. Decisions as to who attends any particular raid are at the discretion of the raid leaders that week. Regardless of the below rules, players who have attended the first part of a multi-boss raid will be guaranteed a slot in the continuation of that raid within the same lock period if they are available.

We generally have two types of raids - "progression raids" and "open sign-up raids".

Progression raids

These are the raids that the group is currently learning, usually the current max level, highest tier raid. To help the group learn these raids, the raid leaders will attempt to get as much continuity in the group from week to week as possible. Thus, many or all of the slots in these raids will have pre-reserved players. These players are guaranteed a slot in the raid over other people who might sign up provided they sign up in the appropriate thread at least 24 hours prior to the raid start time.

Players who do not have pre-reserved slots but who would like to and are available to attend are encouraged to sign-up in the appropriate thead as a reserve. Reserve slots will be determined ahead of time (hopefully at least 24 hours prior) on the basis of class balance and other considerations. Raid leaders will be aiming for a relatively strict, balanced, class makeup for progression raids to give the group the maximum chance of winning.

Open sign-up raids

These are non-progression raids which the group is comfortable with and, as a result, slots will be allocated on a more open basis. Class requirements for open signup raids are less strict and priority will generally be given to people that sign up early in the relevant thread. The raid leader will ultimately need to make a call as to who is participating based on some level of class balance consideration (doing even under level raids with 5 tanks probably isn't a good idea!), but in general these are first-in best dressed and any unfilled slots will be pugg-ed on the night.

What times are your raids?

All raids start at 8:30pm Australian Eastern Standard time (time conversion here), or earlier if the group is ready. Groups will start forming from about 8-8:15. Raids will finish at approximately 10:30-11pm.

Progression raids currently happen on Friday and Sunday nights. Open signup raids are on Tuesday nights.

What are the rules regarding loot?

Looting is done by master looter per the below rules.

Aussieplayers has a loot ladder system for the Symbols of the Eldar King and tier 2 armour pieces that drop in the Ost Dunhoth raid. See details of this system here. There are no additional rules for any of the other loot that drops in that raid.

When a chest is looted, the raid leader will first call out a roll for any relic boxes which have been dropped and anyone who wants to roll on relic boxes types "/roll" in their chat to do a d100 roll. Relics will be distributed to the winners of that roll in order (highest tier boxes to the highest rolls etc). The same process will be done for IXP runes. If any legendary items drop then players of the corresponding class will be invited to roll (if there are no players of that class in the raid, all players will be invited to roll). Then any individual loot pieces will be linked in the chat window and anyone who wants to roll on that item (on a "need" basis - ie if you roll for an item here, it is expected that you regard it as a gear upgrade and will use it) will be given the opportunity to do so and the single winner will be given the item. If no one wants to roll on it on a need basis, a "greed" roll (for cosmetic use for eg.) will be opened up otherwise the item will be destroyed.

To add some measure of fairness in relation to armour tokens in raids other than Ost Dunhoth, unless something else has been agreed to ahead of time then no player will be allowed to win more than one armour token per raid in multi-boss raids like DN.

All of the above rules apply to both Aussieplayers regulars and any other players invited into our raids.

Who are the raid leaders?

The leadership group is currently Psychobabble, Earval and Pianotunapasta. All three are involved in strategising, organising and debriefing raids.


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