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Class Changes

Post  Nasda on Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:20 am

PROPOSED only, class changes posted on lotro forum. Still may be edited before going live ( either july or isengard)


Skill Consolidation

Warding Knowledge is collapsed into 1 skill and it now affects all Genus via the Ancient Master 4-set bonus.

Tend the Sick and Leechcraft are collapsed into a new skill Knolwedge of Cures

Knowledge of Cures removes 3 disease and 3 wound effects, can be used in combat. Cooldown is 10 seconds and it will have an increase to the power cost. It will not provide a buff to Resistances.

Level 62 upgrade will remove the induction and the trait Proof Against Ills makes the skill and AoE skill.

Sign of Battle: Wizardru and Sign of Battle: Wizard’s Fire are combined into 1 skill that is nearly identical to Wizard’s Fire. The skill cannot be resisted, although the DoT component’s individual ticks can be. § This is so reacting to ‘Flanked!’ cannot be resisted. The level 54 upgrade removes the cooldown. The trait Improved Sign of Battle now provides +25% damage to the skill.

Usability Changes

Back from the Brink has its range increased from 5 meters to 25 meters.

Blinding Flash is no longer restricted by Genus.

Ancient Wisdom is now a permanent toggle (without an upkeep cost.)

Post 66 skills:

Improved Sign of Power: Command - Becomes an AoE which can affect multiple targets.

Improved Staff-sweep - For each target hit, the Lore-master receives a stacking buff increasing critical hit chance of their next Fire skill by 33%. Upon scoring a crit strike with a Fire skill, the buffs are removed.

Friend to Aurochs - Summons an Aurochs as a pet.

Improved Sign of the Wild: Rage - Now also provides 10% Damage bonus,

Improved Burning Embers - The DoT portion of the skill can now stack multiple times.

Usability Changes

Time of Need - Cooldown reduced from 20 minutes to 5 minutes

Shield of the Dúnedain - Changed to a Fast skill and the cooldown is reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

War-cry - Now provided -15% Attack Duration from the start

In Defence of Middle-earth - Stats now increase with your level.

Herald of War - Stats now increase with level.

Heals - Heals that Crit will now heal for more than just the base value.

Trait Line Changes

Leader of Men

Improved Kick - Moves from 3-set bonus to the -set bonus

3-set bonus now provides -10 second cooldown to Threatening Shout

Adherent of Elendil - moved to the Lead the Charge line

New Trait! Echoin Shout - allows Threatening Shout to affect up to 3 targets

Captain of War becomes Alert Guard which provides the skill Defensive Strike a bonus to Parry

Hands of Healing

Relentless Optimism - Increases the bonus provided from 10% to 50%

Lead the Charge

Focused Strikes - this is replaced by the trait Adherent of Elendil

Post 66 skills

Improved Sure Strike - On a successful hit, reduces the active cooldown of Battle-shout by 2 seconds.

Improved Grave Wound - When striking a target affected by Cutting Attack, leaves the Cutting Attack DoT on the target and adds a second DoT.

Song-brother - Functions like Shield-brother, except the skills Inspire, Strength of Will and To Arms function differently. Inspire: Melee Attack plus a power-over-time heal. Strength of Will: -10% Reduced Power Cost for Healing. To Arms: +25% Outgoing Healing for 10 seconds.

Improved Cutting Attack - Target receives a -25% Movement Speed debuff for 20 seconds.

Blade-brother - Functions like Shield-brother, except the skills Inspire, Strength of Will and To Arms function differently. Inspire: Melee Attack plus a power-over-time heal. Strength of Will: -10% Reduced Threat from Damage. To Arms: +25% Damage for 10 seconds.

§ Note: The Shield-brother version of “To Arms” has been changed to -15% Incoming Damage for 10s.[u]

<--- super excited Very Happy

I wanna see Babble bring an aurochs to a raid Very Happy

Pages and pages of discussion and specifc class chagnes to warden, burglar and champion -->


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Re: Class Changes

Post  Psychobabble on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:41 am

These changes are very 'meh' for LM, apart from the blinding flash affecting the dead thing which was as expected after a similar change was announced for Burglar riddle.

Aurochs i'm not looking forward to unless it's an eensy bitsy little baby aurochs because LM pets are bad enough at blocking the view, if it's a full sized one i'd never be allowed to pull it out in a fellowship!

And on what's announced, there's literally no new skills for the LM apart from the aurochs. And of the new skills that are there, they mostly affect DPS which isn't very raid relevant. I hope there's more announced along with some traitline stuff.

What i'm interested with for cappies is the interraction between the yellow capstone and the new 'brother' skills. If it continues to only affect shield brother, that's gonna be quite disappointing as you'll lose that big burst damage boost that the traitline currently brings, if I'm reading the changes correctly.


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Re: Class Changes

Post  Psychobabble on Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:08 am

Wow, so the lore-master dev listened to all our feedback and stole a bunch of good ideas from players, including my suggestion on the improved frost lore trait which is going to be a great one for raids. These changes are going to be massive additions to the class, allowing it to very comfortably main heal 3-person instances, giving us a real 'off heal' spec if necessary in a raid or whatever, and our big cooldown skills (one of which is a big panic self heal, the other resets a bunch of our CC and debuff skills) will basically be able to be used twice per battle which is really nice.

Thanks for all the feedback in the various threads, it heavily influenced the following changes.

Skill Changes:

•Wisdom of the Council: Reduced cooldown from 10m to 5m.
•Call to the Valar: Reduced cooldown from 10m to 5m. Increased Power cost.

Trait Changes:

Master of Nature's Fury:

•Improved Storm-lore
•Changed from "+25% Storm-lore Damage" to "+25% Lightning Damage".
The Ancient Master:

•Combined the following two traits into one:
•Fast Loader
•Explosive Force
•NEW Trait: The Study of Frost-lore
•-5% Tactical Damage (going from -20% to -25%)
•+50% Induction Time
The Keeper of Animals

•Additional 4-set Bonus:
•-60s Inner Flame Cooldown
•Combined the following two traits into one:
•Master of Beasts
•The Wild and Ward
•Additional Bonus:
•+5% Damage on Sign of the Wild: Rage
•-5% Incoming Damage on Sign of the Wild: Protection
•Note: This replaces the Frost/Fire Mitigation.
•Combined the following two traits into one:
•Hardy Companion
•NEW Trait: Improved Inner Flame
•Inner Flame now heals all nearby Fellows. No longer transfer threat.
•NEW Trait: Improved Flanking
•When responding to a "Flanked!" event with Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire, the target of your "Air-lore" skill also receives the Flank-Heal.

As always, the above is subject to change as Beta begins and we start to get more in-depth, in-game feedback.


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Re: Class Changes

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