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Post  Jtime on Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:22 am

Hey all!

To facilitate future raids and improve out communication as we tackle the hardest content that middle earth has to offer, Strength in Numbers will be supplying 2 raiding channels on our teamspeak server.

Downloading Teamspeak
We use Teamspeak 3 (TS3), the client can be downloaded from the link below:

Make sure it is the TS3 client for your OS before downloading!

Getting into our server
Once you have the client installed and running navigate to Bookmarks --> Add to Bookmarks (opens dialogue box) --> Add bookmark
This will give you a new empty bookmark within which you can fill in the SiN details. Once you have filled out the details make sure you tick 'connect on startup' if this is the only server you will be accessing.

Server Details
Here are the details you will need to fill in! (don't worry about the extra stuff in the image)

  • Label: whatever you want.
  • address: tms-1.games.on.net
  • port: 9987
  • server pass: tsign
  • Nickname: your name (preferably your most known in-game name) (ps. i'll be very upset if there's 20 Jtime's in channel with me!!)

  • Default Channel: +SiN+/LotRO Raid 1
  • Channel password: sintalk

Please Note: SiN is not just a lotro gaming clan and has been around in many games (mostly shooters) since 1999. The passwords you have been given are in strict confidence you will stick to the lotro raiding and MMO's channels only. There are other gamers in other channels playing other games, please respect this!


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