Draigoch T1/T2 - Sunday 13 November

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Draigoch T1/T2 - Sunday 13 November

Post  Psychobabble on Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:03 pm

Draigoch T1/T2

8:30pm Sunday 13 November(time conversion)

Raid Info and Strategy

I know things have been a bit slow, hopefully we can get people together for one good raid night this week. I'll do my best to contact ppl in game and get a good team together, please do sign up if you're interested.

As I said previously, I'm confident we can get this fight down if we can actually execute FMs. Please see the FM discussion I put up for some tips, and we'll try to ensure everyone's connection and comp's are up to scratch re lag and practice FMs on some training dummies in Galtrev pre-fight.

The best guide going around now is a new one on Tentonhammer. Do check it out, it's got some useful tips for phase 2 and 3. This is the description of what we'll aim to do in phase 2:

One way to do this is to position the two tanks on opposite sides of the room, and have them move consistently clockwise (or counter-clockwise) after each position change. As long as they are on opposite sides and always move both in the same direction, there will always be one tank in position to pick up the aggro of the head when it is time. The healer will have time to get to the proper spot without much fuss, even if he has to run all the way around the ring. This is kind of boring for the person not tanking the head - he will just hold his position and watch the dragon's movements, and be ready to move to the next spot.
The off-tank should be able to survive for the 30s or so it takes the healer to get to the right spot, it really doesn't hit very hard. The only issue it seems will be if the top level healer actually dies. Getting a res up there can be a bit tricky, as the cappy in the DPS group isn't used to running up those corridors. This map might help out:

We'll do either T1 or T2 depending on how many people we get. The primary difference between the tiers is that T1 is easier because you can have more people along, but T2 has a higher chance of dropping more loot.

Required Equipment and Consumables

Food, scrolls, potions and hope tokens.

Required Classes

Tank, healer 2x, Captain, lore-master, Burglar (preferably 2x+ but that's probably not going to happen).

Sign up list

  1. Tank
  2. Healer 1
  3. Healer 2
  4. Captain
  5. Burglar
  6. Lore-master (Psychobabble)
  7. DPS
  8. DPS
  9. DPS
  10. DPS
  11. DPS
  12. Open


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Re: Draigoch T1/T2 - Sunday 13 November

Post  Anthony on Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:20 am

I'll be there, come on ppl, lets make some dragon soup. Remember, completing the deeds for this, gets everyone a worn symbol, along with armour drops and cloak.


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Re: Draigoch T1/T2 - Sunday 13 November

Post  Jtime on Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:07 am

Just a heads up. Logged on last night and about 8 of the sinners completed draigoch last night internally (9 manned) and will have locks for this week.


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Re: Draigoch T1/T2 - Sunday 13 November

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