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Ost Dunhoth - advanced prep Empty Ost Dunhoth - advanced prep

Post  Psychobabble on Sat May 07, 2011 6:46 am

Hey guys, so we're going to be hitting ost dunhoth pretty soon. plan is to start on T1 and build up to T2 over the coming weeks and months. Now, while T1 is moderately difficult, from everything I hear T2 (challenge modes anyway) is basically the hardest raid ever in the game and needs some pretty specific stuff to beat, so I thought I'd set some medium term goals for our characters to help us get prepared. This is in addition to the normal raft of consumables and reading/discussing strats of course!

Virtues I've mentioned it elsewhere, but rank 9 of tolerance, mercy, fidelity and innocence are very important due to the high prevalence of shadow and tactical damage in the durin's bane, ivar and gortheron fights. Mercy in particular is pretty grindy to get so we should look to help each other out with some of these. Wound wing has a lot of common damage and (gasp) wounds. Innocence and possibly charity are good options (resistances aren't as powerful as mitigations due to the way wounds etc works but it could still help).

Equipment The poison boss is a lot easier if melee classes have a lot of acid resist. 3 pieces of teal moria is a minimum, and i've heard some groups are even wearing 3 teal + 3 purple moria to double up on the acid bonus. These aren't hard to get with moria medallions, but if you passed those instances by without getting the gear, it's a good idea to get some.

Durin's bane does a lot of fire damage so 5 pieces of DN gear is a good idea particularly for squishies. Obviously we're not going to grind this for months to get everyone the gear, but if you have opportunities to raid in there or maybe we go in there on an off night to get someone a set that's something to consider.

LI titles anyone doing any physical damage should look to have beleriand + the dead on their weapon, from the mirkwood barter vendors. lore-master scans have confirmed that this is overall the best LI title to have in the instance.

LI legacies These are the ones I know in particular, but I'm sure there's more that are important. Burglars - addle induction multiplier and addle cooldown. Captains - rally cry cooldown (duh), telling mark damage. Champions - horn stun duration. LMs - debuff resist, sop duration. Minstrel - Ballad of war damage.

I'll add more here as anything else comes to mind, feel free to make some suggestions too esp re LI legacies.

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Ost Dunhoth - advanced prep Empty Re: Ost Dunhoth - advanced prep

Post  Psychobabble on Fri May 20, 2011 5:07 am

If anyone is looking to grind mercy out (it's important for the fear boss, Durin's plan), here's a plan which involves the minimum of grinding. It's a pretty grindy deed but all up these aren't too bad:

Bree Wights
Lone-Lands Wights
North Downs Redeemers
Trollshaws Wights (note that the ones in Lost Temple count for this)
Haudh Iarchith Barrow-Wardens
Haudh Iarchith Barrow-Spirits (do a circle around the HI dungeon south of the great barrows instance entrance and you'll pick up plenty of both of these type of mobs)
Moria Nameless (gives 2 ranks, farm em in south east foundations of stone there's a very high concentration there)
Skumfil spiders (in the hard mode room. It's really, really easy to get 120 spiders in this room)

You can find maps for all Eregion slayer deeds Here

The above list gets you to 9 which is sufficient to max out the tactical resist rating on Mercy (the only benefit 10 gives you is an insignificant amount of out of combat power regen). It avoids the following deeds, most of which are pretty hideous:

Evendim Limrafns
Forochel Grims (definitely one of the worst slayer deeds in the game)
Angmar wight slayers (Angmar slayer deeds are insane - 450 mobs total)
Lothlorian Beast Slayer (no area real good concentration here, and at 360 is a pretty high kill count)
Enedwaith Cuthraul (high count of level 65/66 mobs)


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