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Post  Admin on Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:21 am

As noted in the general raid preparation thread, high level crafted consumables are an important part of raiding. In particular, cooks (trail, cooked and fortifying food), scholars (potions, scrolls and class consumables) and tinkers (hope tokens) make items that are useful for every class. In addition, many professions can make class items such as hunter books and captain banners, and tinkers make jewelerry, which can be very useful for characters.

The purpose of this thread is to let people offer their crafting services. As this is not a kinship group, and because many input materials are either expensive or time-consuming to harvest, no one should be expected to offer their services for free - although you are welcome to do so if you want! In the interests of fostering a community here though, it would be good if you offer your services at something less than the full (ridiculous!) AH prices. No obligations though.

In addition, as a courtesy to cooks especially, it is recommended that if you want to order something then you look up the recipe for the food you want in the lorebook, get yourself to a supplier and buy the necessary raw materials. If you're not a farmer you obviously won't be able to supply the ingredients which require farming, but most materials for cooking can be bought from a supplier.

Please reply here with the supreme crafts you have available, the consumables or items/jewelery you can make and prices you're willing to offer them for.


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Post  Psychobabble on Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:04 am

I'll get the ball rolling. I'm a SM scholar. I don't have an unlimited supply of materials, but I'm willing to help out where I can. If you're able to supply your own mats (whether bought off the auction house or picked up from random drops), I can turn any mats you do have into the appropriate consumable, otherwise I'm happy to talk price on buying stuff. These are the main items I can make:

Steeped morale/power potions: Broken dwarf-statue (1:1 ratio, ie 1 statue equals 1 potion)
Potions of focus (hunter), fervour (champion) or battle (captain): broken dwarf statues (2:1 unfortunately)
Greater supreme overpower tactics scrolls (guardian), supreme sheet music (minstrels): Tattered Khuzdul Parchment (2:1)
Supreme battle or warding scrolls: rune-carved tablet (2:1, if you can also supply a tallow candle, though, it's a 2:3 ratio which is much better)
White enamels: Chunk of lime, rune-carved tablet (1:3 for the lime and for the tablets it's 1:3, 1:6 with a tallow candle)
Khazad-gold inlay: Khazad-gold ignot, broken dwarf statue (both 1:1 ratio)
Pure fire-oil: Rune carved tablet (2:3, 2:6 with a tallow candle)
Pure light-oil: Etching of Moria (2:3, 2:6 with a tallow candle)

Also I can make the top tier supreme hunter tomes for free for anyone who needs them, got plenty of those mats (although if you want to donate me a tallow candle for the crit, I won't say no). I'm kin-guilded with the scholar's guild as well, so if you need a level 65 2nd age reforged minstrel or lore-master book I'm happy to make one (provided you supply 5x fragments, the symbol and either 2x Mithril-reinforced Extraordinary Leather or a flake), assuming the recipe isn't currently on cooldown. note, if you're really short on fragments I have a decent supply and am willing to sell some to you for a reasonable price, just hit me up.

Finally I'm also a supreme farmer and am willing to make any food for a minimal charge to cover seeds and time (probably 250s for a stack of 100 of anything).


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