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Post  Psychobabble on Fri Apr 08, 2011 5:12 am

I thought I'd put up a post explaining raid locks, because they work somewhat strangely in LOTRO and there are a few things we need to keep in mind with them particularly in relation to Ost Dunhoth (which is a non-linear, multi-boss raid).

The basic idea behind raid locks is that they prevent any character from looting the same boss chest twice in the relevant lock period. Every boss in every raid (and, strangely enough, Carn Dum) has a lock number associated with it. You can see which (if any) lock numbers you have active at any particular time, along with an unfortunately inaccurate description of when those locks expire, by typing /raid lock into the chat window.

Raid locks prevent multiple looting of boss's chests in two ways:

  • If you are the raid leader then any raid you create will simply not have the bosses that you have locks for in it. In most raids, the trash associated with that boss will also be gone (either entirely or mostly). When you create the instance, any raid members who enter the instance inherit your raid locks for the rest of the lockout period.
  • A raid leader cannot create a raid if a person in the party has more or different locks for that raid than they do. The raid leader also can't invite anyone with more or different raid locks than them for a raid in progress.

The three big multi-boss raids, DN, BG and Ost Dunhoth all have one week raid timers. The timer expires at I believe 7am server time, which at the moment is 9pm Australian eastern time. The Watcher (and the Turtle and the Rift) have bi-weekly timers - I am not sure of the days or times of these but I think one of them is the same as the weekly timers.

Note that because Ost Dunhoth is a non-linear raid, it is possible (unlike with linear raids) for people to have different combinations of locks which would mean it's completely impossible to create a raid with those two people in it. So while it's not a problem (other than missing out on killing bosses) if say Player A has locks 1, 2 and 3 and player B has locks 1 and 2 (because you can just have player A create the raid, transferring lock 3 to Player B), if Player A had locks 1 and 2 but Player B had locks 3 and 4, you could never create the raid with both people during that lockout period.

If you are in a raid at the time when the raid lock expires, the entire raid is booted out and all locks are rolled over into the next lockout period. This is very relevant for us for a couple of obvious reasons. First it makes Thursdays evenings a decidedly iffy time for raiding, as we face the prospect of being booted out of the raid halfway through a boss fight. We would have to plan around the bootout which is less than ideal. But it also gives us a possible benefit, because if we have some locks from a previous raid night that we would like to rollover (eg. we've killed some of the early bosses and don't want to redo them the next week) then all we need to do is have someone who's going to be in the next raid sit in the instance at the rollover time and have their locks rebestowed. Often though we wouldn't want to waste locks in this way, because once you've killed a boss you might want to farm him again the next week for loot etc., so either way this is something to keep in mind.


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