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Post  Psychobabble on Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:36 am

Our general plan for raiding in RoI is that once enough people have hit level 75 and start getting geared, we will start on the Draigoch raid tier 1 with as many people as we can find, up to the max of 24. Beyond some certain non-negotiable minimums, we'll just basically be looking to take anyone of any class - it will essentialy be an open sign up raid. The first few weeks will be a "trial" period on T1, during this time we will be looking for a solid group of 13-15 players who will form a core group of regulars to move into Tier 2 with a view to learning, beating and ultimately farming the fight. The criteria for selection in the core group will be:

  • Player dedication and skill. For our core group, we are looking for committed players who know how to play their class and do not need to be instructed in how to perform their basic class roles. While we're happy to help you out and give you advice, we're really looking for people who've done the research, know their skills, have a good amount of grouping experience and are willing to learn and improve their play and their gear to the best possible level.
  • The right attitude. We're a fairly casual and friendly group with a wide range of players in it, but there's two extremes of attitude we want to avoid. First, we won't put up with players who don't respect their fellow raiders, who abuse others in public or private channels and who create a negative raid atmosphere through blaming, boasting, belittiling others etc. But we aren't looking for the other extreme either. Players who take an attitude of "I should be able to play exactly how I want, without any thought for the needs of the group", or who don't respond to suggestions for improvement or who don't put in the effort to gear their character to an acceptable level or who consistently fail to pereform their role despite instruction.
  • Availability. We will be raiding two nights a week from approximately 8:30-10:30/11:00 Australian Eastern time (Melbourne/Sydney). It is most likely that this will be on Sunday/Tuesday or possibly Friday/Sunday.

Once we have found enough people who we think meet these criteria, we will invite those people to the static group and move onto to tier 2.

Further detail about our plans for the core list and raiding plans can be found here.


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